Mammography Software- WorkstationOne™- Technical data:

  • Runs on Windows with the dotnet framework (2.0 at minimum).
  • Recommended to be used with one color monitor for user navigation, and two 5MP monitors for primary diagnosis of mammograms.
  • Displays greater than 256 grey levels on suitable monitors.
  • Acts as a storage SCP in order to receive MG for-presentation studies, Mammography SR reports, GSPS (gray-scale softcopy presentation state) objects, and related images in classes such as SC (secondary capture), US (Ultrasound) and MR (Magnetic Resonance).
  • Acts as storage SCU to output SC and GSPS for report or measurements.
  • Optionally utilizes available modality worklist, general-purpose worklist, and reporting worklist as hints for up-coming studies (to trigger pre-fetch) and for composing an interpretation worklist.
  • Optionally utilizes general-purpose performed procedure step to report progress in the reporting workflow.
  • Optionally acts as a SCP for modality performed procedure step, so that an acquisition device can be configured to notify the workstation of completion of an acquisition.
Mammography Software
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