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DISC Partners with Broadwest for US Distribution

Diagnostic Imaging Specialists Corp (DISC), St Malo, Manitoba, Canada, announces a new agreement with Broadwest Corp, in which Broadwest will distribute DISC products across the US.

Broadwest will distribute the DISC product line, including the DISC Mamchex and DISC Radchex to be used for CR mammography and general radiology CR systems. In cooperation with the newly formed DISC sales organization, Broadwest will also offer its established customer base a device for quality assurance and calibration of CR digital systems.

DISC manufactures the QA Mamchex and Radchex meters. These meters check and document the performance of mammography and general radiology machines and compare CR to film/screen systems. Service providers, biomedical engineers, OEMs, and others can use the meters to assess, calibrate, and troubleshoot the x-ray tube, CR plate reader, and AEC.

Broadwest and Three Palm Software announce partnership

Denver, Colorado, and Los Gatos, California, 26 October, 2009

Broadwest and Three Palm Software today announced that they have signed a partnership agreement, in which Broadwest will distribute Three Palm Software’s WorkstationOne™ product. WorkstationOne will be on display at RSNA’09 in booth 1506.

Under this agreement, Broadwest will distribute Three Palm Software’s WorkstationOne product to customers in the US.

“We are looking forward to a long and prosperous cooperation with Three Palm Software,” said Jack Donovan, CEO of Broadwest. “This partnership will allow us to offer a state of the art digital mammography viewing station to our customer base.”

Patrick Heffernan, CEO of Three Palm Software comments “Broadwest has a long history providing equipment for analog mammography. This agreement is a good match for both companies – WorkstationOne allows Broadwest to expand upon their experience in analog mammography and to help their customers transition to a digital environment.”

WorkstationOne is a full-featured breast imaging workstation, with an emphasis on efficient reviewing workflow and expert viewing methodologies such as Tabar’s systematic viewing masks. WorkstationOne supports IHE mammography image profile and the display of CAD markers as well as GSPS graphic annotation. WorkstationOne is a software product that can be installed on an off-the-shelf general purpose computer with one or two gray-scale high resolution monitors and one color monitor.

About Broadwest

Broadwest Corporation has been a leader in the field of mammography viewing equipment for over 20 years - offering a range of creative viewing devices that have improved the practice of film and digital interpretation in the U.S. and abroad. Broadwest products have helped set the standards later incorporated by the American College of Radiology and the FDA's Mammography Quality Standards Act for mammography film viewing. Broadwest has a large base of customers in the US and Canada for motorized mammography viewers..

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Jack Donovan, 303-722-1500



About Three Palm Software

Three Palm Software was founded in 2007 to develop software applications for the breast imaging market. MammoOne™, a line of leading-edge software products for mammography, is designed to aid in the early and accurate diagnosis of disease impacting the health and well-being of women.

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