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  • Full masking and high luminance are essential perceptual tools for distinguishing the subtle differences in glandular tissue.
  • High Luminance levels, uniform light field, up to 7,000 nits to penetrate high contrast film.
  • Four independent shutters glide easily to mask extraneous light anywhere on the surface.
  • Uniformity: new generation design for extremely even luminance level over entire viewing surface (DIN6856 protocol).
  • Variable light on dimmer to match film densities.
  • Controls (only four to manipulate) within easy reach for both manual or motorized shutters.
  • Glass viewing panel does not discolor or scratch as acrylic panels do.
  • Adjustable nylon string holds small films in place.
  • Positive film grips with rollers on top and center.
  • Minimal space between upper and lower tiers of film for easier comparing.
  • Optional 3-in-One feature is available for viewing 14"x17" radiographs on same viewbox (see MM12A & MM12MA).
  • Optional push-button motorized shutters (see MM12M & MM12MA).
  • Various sizes available to meet the space and usage requirements of any facility.
  • Ideal for replacement of obsolete mammo viewers.
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