Digital Mammography Monitors

RadiForce GS520

It is vital in the process of early breast cancer detection that monitors display accurate and consistent quality images. EIZO provides optimum diagnosis confidence with distinctive versions of the RadiForce 5 megapixel monitor for digital mammography imaging.

High-Resolution for Delicate Grayscale Shadings

When selecting a monitor, itís important to consider the "information volume" of the medical images to be displayed.

"Information volume" of a digital mammography image should exceed 5 million pixels. When a lower resolution monitor displays this "information volume," the monitor stretches the information forcing the mosaic to appear as shadings. With a 2048 x 2560 resolution or 5.24 million pixels, the stretching effect is minimized and the mosaic becomes suitable for rendering subtle masses and calcification, within the mammography image.

High-Definition & High-Density

For the detection of mammary gland disorders which appear as "distortion,"the monitor needs this required performance in order to display the subtle structures.


For the detection of small tumors which appear as delicate "density" differences, the monitor needs the correct display of extremely subtle grayscale shadings.

Image Sharpness

For detection of subtle masses and calcification, the monitor needs to display the outlines of the images with a high degree of sharpness.

Brightness Uniformity

For correct luminance display of delicate "density"differences, the monitor needs uniformity in brightness across the entire screen.

DICOM Part 14 Compliance with Quality Control Software

For unified image display between multiple monitors, the monitor is required to adjust the characteristics to the grayscale standard DICOM Part 14 through calibration.

Simple Quality Control Procedures

Quality characteristics gradually change over time and therefore in order to maintain a consistent display, the monitor needs to be quality-controllable.

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