ROLLOSCOPE | M Series| automatic multiviewer
By Control Research, Inc.

The ROLLOSCOPE M Series empowers you with reading time not sorting. With one button, the Rolloscope M Series masks automatically to each frame's preset film configuration. Extraordinary performance, fast and quiet.

In one second - one button dims, advances, masks and brightens. The Rolloscope M Series also provide complete shutter control within each frame with four toggle switches for individual movement, as well as a roam function with a single joystick.

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The new Rolloscope MD model accommodates digital LCD monitors and prior film comparisons in an ergonomic viewing system. The unit can be shipped with a removable mounting bar for the monitors and used initially as a film-only device. With the mounting bracket the flat panel monitors are angled into the console controls. Films are viewed directly above the monitor bezels.

The large capacity of films on the Rolloscope M, (1,032 of 18x24cm; 688 of 24x30cm or 258 of 14x17") are accessed by scrolling up or down at 1 second per frame dimming and masking automatically between frames.

The Rolloscope ML features all the benefits of the Rolloscope M with an additional capacity of 33% more films.

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Broadwest is interested in purchasing your existing Rolloscope M or ML viewers when you go digital. Please contact us for digital conversion kit or to re-sell.

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