WorkstationOne™- Mammography Reading Station

WorkstationOne™, a mammography workstation software by Three Palms Software, is a distinctly different option for the integration and interpretation of Digital Mammography. When transitioning from analog film interpretation, today's radiologist needs to review cases as efficiently as they did on a motorized light box. In designing WorkstationOne™ we incorporated this data-intensive challenge in a elegant and simple interface to meet the most demanding radiologists' needs.

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  • “Single-click” workflow* to streamline mammography reading.
    • Customized mammography-specific reading and hanging protocols (including support of multiple priors)
    • 8 or more current and prior images are displayed immediately when the next study is opened, with multiple priors accessible by “single click”
    • Current images are high-lighted in all hanging protocols to minimize the risk of misdiagnosis from priors
  • Incorporates expert viewing methodology including Tabár’s systematic viewing mask techniques Tabar Methodology
  • Full-resolution image (All Pixel Viewing) display navigation using a mouse wheel
  • Display Range of modalities on same monitors– FFDM, CR, digitized films, ultrasound and MRI; integrated CAD and GSPS display
  • Mammography film printing - including 10 and 12 bit grey-scale, true size, chest-wall alignment, annotation positioning, as required to meet the MQSA guidelines
  • *patent-pending technologies

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