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For the radiologist, the Rollux "One Touch System" saves time, promotes concentration, and reduces fatigue. Push just one button: the lights automatically dim, the belt advances, the shutters mask to the new frame's configuration, and the unit brightens in about one second.

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The person loading the film moves the shutters around the films with the motorized toggle switches or pre-sets. The unit remembers where the shutters were positioned for each frame, no programming or input is necessary; it's automatic.
  • Easy to operate control panel.
  • Masking is automatic as variable shutter positions are memorized for 100 Rollux frames.
  • Dims automatically during frame selection.
  • Fast simple all-motorized shuttering: Individual movement through four keypad arrows.
  • Roam function with single joystick.
  • Presets through single-step push buttons
  • Automatic frame selector standard.
  • Transparent film clips for fast loading and unobstructed viewing.
  • Vertical scrolling; view sitting, comfortably close to films.
  • Moves easily on large casters.
  • Fits through a standard door and requires only a standard outlet to operate.
  • Film belt life expectancy a minimum of 10 years.
  • Engineered for trouble-free performance.

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